Don’t Make Me Angry…

… You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry!

Famous words uttered by Dr. David Banner as he morphs into the Hulk in the original TV Series: The Incredible Hulk.


I AM ANGRY! …but NO, I will not turn into the Hulk!

I am angry at the world… The influx of violence of all kinds… I’m angry at Miley Cyrus and her horrible escapades that only hurt herself and other girls; Hollywood is only using you, girl!, I’m angry at Robin Thicke and his stupid songs that degrade women and hurt our boys [who think that’s how you can treat a girl], I’m angry at bullies and how they get away with crap, Overlords taking advantage of Underdogs, at the internet and all the crap coming out of it… When will this end?

Where is justice? Where are consequences? Is anyone using the LOGIC, their HEART and their MINDs anymore?